One of the biggest struggles marketers face today is evaluating how effective their website is in attracting visitors and inspiring conversions. The sad reality is that many marketers don’t know how to improve the quality of their websites.

While they use a variety of website testing and optimization tools to measure and effect changes in their website performance, they do so in an ad hoc manner. As per an analysis, only 17% of online retailers have a well-planned web development process that is geared to create personalized experiences for customers. CLICK TO TWEET

The rest use tools like A/B testing and personalization separately, often using impractical approaches. This can severely detract from the quality of the final website.

The solution – Google Optimize.

What is Google Optimize?


Google Optimize is a website optimization platform which allows users to test their website structure and design through numerous tests and then make changes on-the-go.CLICK TO TWEETIt is essentially an “experimentation platform,” where marketers can make minor tweaks or major changes to their website’s design and content and measure its performance when live.

Think of Google Optimize like a jigsaw puzzle. You can move the pieces around and experiment with how they look like in different places until you finally create the design that is right for you. Similarly, this tool allows you to move various elements on your web page around, edit content, change colors and graphics, to measure the effectiveness of your website.

Features of Google Optimize


The important features of this tool include:

  • Plug & play – Get started by just creating and logging into the Google Optimize account.
  • Google analytics integration – Learn how many people visit your website, where they come from, and what search queries they use to find you.
  • Google tag manager – Effectively monitor, track, and deploy marketing tags.
  • On-page visual editor – Create numerous versions of your website using a suite of state-of-the-art HTML and content tools.
  • Previews– Preview pages created and make edits before you run experiments.
  • Various testing options– Test your website versions using multiple checks.
  • Improvement tracking and reporting – Monitor the changes in your website visits, CTRs, and conversions, with each new website version.

The importance of Google Optimize lies in its ability to allow marketers to work on their websites without pulling it off the net. You can make changes in real time, ensuring that you don’t lose out on potential business while you’re optimizing your website.

Why should you use Google Optimize?


While this suite of features sounds amazing, you may still be wondering why you should use this brilliant tool. It’s time to look at some Google Optimize benefits:

  • It puts existing metrics to good use

The best aspect about this tool is that it’s a Google product which comes pre-integrated with other Google tools like the Analytics and Tag Manager. So, you already have a large database of information at your disposal, which can be used to optimize your website.

  • There are numerous testing options available

Google Optimize offers three types of testing options to users:

  • Split testing
  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing

Now users can run experiments using different metrics and then make an informed decision. You can further customize your tests and experiments by using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • It can be adjusted to measure specific sub-groups of visitors/customers

Google Optimize is one of the only tools that offers a unique type of testing known as “Redirect Testing.” Here, you can redirect specific groups of visitors/customers to certain pages or versions of the websites which have been designed keeping in mind elements which are the most appealing to that specific target group.

  • It can pinpoint the exact factors that lead to poor website performance

This tool allows you to test absolutely every element of the website – from single landing pages to clusters of website elements – and through this, narrows down the factors that are the cause of the high bounce rate and lost sales.

  • It’s completely free

Unlike its competitors, Google Optimize is a completely free tool which can be accessed by absolutely anyone. However, if you want a much more sophisticated optimizer tool, you should consider the paid Google Optimize 360.

Getting started with Google Optimize


If this sounds interesting and you want to use Google Optimize for yourself, then you’ll certainly benefit from these Google Optimize tips.

One of the best Google Optimize benefits is that it can be used by absolutely anyone, even if they have zero knowledge of website development.

Here are our top eight Google Optimize tips:

  • Set up your Google Optimize account through the Google Tag Manager; this ensures the tool deploys successfully and consistently across your site.
  • Choose pages that have on an average 1000 page views per month, for testing. This ensures you have a steady stream of traffic to observe.
  • Use paid ads to divert traffic to your web pages if all of your pages have low page views.
  • Customize the objectives and phrase the questions correctly to get value out of the experiments.
  • Use Google Optimize to test PPC landing pages.
  • Don’t implement the desktop layout on your mobile without testing on the mobile device first. This ensures the final layout looks neat across all devices.
  • Check your final work by using other tools like Grammarly, to ensure your work is perfect.
  • Run new experiments regularly and tweak your best website version to make it better.


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