Many brands are wondering whether or not to leverage Valentine’s Day for their marketing efforts, and to be honest, there is no right or wrong answer, but the one thing we can agree on is that the use of gender stereotypes, cheesy heart teddies and “el-cheapo valentines chocolates” are becoming a thing of the past.

One look at the responses to the Woolworths 2019 Valentines Campaign, or this “creepy” Coke Light & Delta Airlines campaign is enough to make anyone rethink their strategy. In fact, there are so many cringe-worthy Valentine’s day campaigns it’s really worth Googling “Valentines Day Marketing Fails” if you’re bored and want a laugh.

That said, Valentine’s day is still reported to be the 4th biggest earner in the USA on the holiday front, and capitalising on the day of love is achievable, if you put in a little effort and research.

Stock Up On “Boyfriend” Gifts

It’s no surprise that since 2016, searched for valentines gifts for boyfriends and husbands has been on the rise, but did you know that in 2018 “What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day” “What to get a guy for Valentine’s day” were the second and fourth highest searches related to the topic of the day of love?

Don’t just stock up on the usual, helping your audience find a great gift for their male partner, colleague or friend could give you a little competitive advantage.

Don’t Forget About Single People

When it comes to “how to” searches, it looks like the Valentine’s hype is making a few people feel somewhat lonely, with searches like “How to ask a girl to be your Valentine” and “How to get a Valentine” both appearing in 2018’s top 5. Be wary not to exclude singles, with over half the US population identifying as single, more people are deciding to treat themselves and their pets during the month of love.

Find more on single’s spending habits over Valentine’s day here

Cater To People’s Tummies

The stomach is the doorway to the soul? Wait, I’ve messed that up… but when it comes to what people are eating on Valentine’s day, 2018’s top recipe searches are for cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, cakes and candies. Jump aboard the delicious treats train because people aren’t planning on eating healthy.

If your brand has a connection with food, a posting a series of decadent Valentine’s Day recipes on social media and your website could earn you some valuable customer loyalty in the long run.

Gifts Dominate Search But DIY Comes In Second

Valentine’s Gifts dominated Valentine’s day as a search topic, but Valentine’s DIY came in second, with 19% of searchers looking to make something a little extra special for V-Day. Bloggers could consider posting content around DIY Valentines Day Gifts to leverage some of the search traffic around the term.

Recipe blogs could turn Valentine’s recipes into special gifts with a few packaging ideas, while lifestyle bloggers could come up with a few unique, DIY and gift-wrappable items around their niche.

Below is our 2018 Valentines day search trends infographic, but if you’re looking for something a bit more local, check out our 2019 South African Valentines Day Search Trends Infographic.

An infographic on the 2018 spending habits over valentines day