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Google Ads Advertising is Google’s online advertising program that runs on a platform that uses a pay-per-click (PPC) system. With this form of marketing, you pay every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement. It enables you to create online ads that are displayed in Google’s search results; reaching an ideal audience with a high probability of interest in your products and services through the right use of keywords.

This data-driven approach to advertising allows us to track the online behavior of your consumers, providing insight into their online performance. It also reveals the holistic appeal of specific products, customer satisfaction, potentially profitable but overlooked demographics, your competitor’s PPC tactics and more.


Gone are the days of people reaching for their mobile to simply search for a single targeting product or service. The key to reaching potential leads, is to find them in their micro-moments. When they are simply searching for ideas, tips or researching the best options for their need. To find your potential client on platforms that they are spending leisure time, and fulfilling a need with quality messaging and content.

Feeding the leads funnel by offering users more than just a sales pitch, will ensure healthier brand sentiment, and will more likely lead to a conversion and a more robust lifetime value of the user.


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Multiple formats reaching potential customers across video, banners, text and apps

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Maximum brand exposure across the web

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Highly Measurable performance
Control your budget. No surprise massive invoices!
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Bidding based on your business goals, be it reach, clicks, leads or video views

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Create targeted audiences based on keywords, interests, demographics or off your existing CRM database
Tracking each and every interaction across demographics, location, time of day and even device

Re marketing to users already engaged with a different message to close your sales funnel


Google Ads works on an Auction Based System. Based on what your objectives for your campaign are, you may choose to bid your ad being at the Top of Search results, or Reach a certain amount of people, or a specific Cost per Lead, or simply, a Cost per Click.


Google has spent many years adapting and refining the algorithms in both its Paid and Organic systems, in order to serve users relevant and quality content.   As such, each ad, in each auction, is subject to a Quality Score.  This influences the cost of your ad, and how it will fare in the auctions against your competitors.

In order to get a good Quality Score, and do better on your campaigns, the following needs to be considered:

  • Bid- If your bid is too low, you cannot realistically compete in the auction.
  • Keyword relevance – The search terms you use to trigger your ads, need to have relevance to your ad, and the landing page.  This prevents fraudulent and poor quality ads from misleading users.
  • Landing Page Experience – If people arrive on your web page after clicking your ad, and leave almost immediately, your ad will receive a high Bounce Rate.  This will inform the Google stem that your landing page is poor, and will decrease your Ad Quality Score.  The same will apply  to a page that takes too long to load.
  • Mobile Friendliness – If your page is not mobile friendly, your Quality Score will be lessened.


Text Ads are shown on Google Search when a user searches for a particular phrase or word.  These ads are shown at the top and bottom of the search results.

Google Display Ads are shown on website that are part of the Google Adsense Platform.  This means they are allowing Google to show ads on their websites, and get money each time someone clicks on the ad they are showing.

Ads on the Display Network are shown on websites that are aligned to the targeting you decide in your campaign.

Google Shopping Ads allow your online store inventory to be shown on the Google Search Page.  Your ads will be shown based on phrases or words that users are searching for.

In order to show your ads, your will have to connect your CRM system to the Google Merchant Centre.

Google App Installs allows you to create ads on the Mobile Network to promote your App, and push installs.

Your App will need to be registered on the Google Play Store in order to promote it.

YouTube ads shows your video ads in front, or during a video on YouTube.  In order for your ad to show, it will need to be uploaded to your own YouTube channel, and adhere to specific limitations, based on what kind of ad you wish to run.

You can run an ad of 30 seconds or more, than can be skipped, or an unskippable ad of less than 5 seconds.  These ads can be clicked on to direct a user to a website, or a YouTube channel or video.